10 Facts About Online Casinos You Do Not Know

There are many interesting facts about online casinos that many people are unaware of their existence. Online casinos, which in Norwegian is known as nettikasino, provide amazing gaming services and gambling services for its players. Here are ten facts about online casinos that people do not know about.

1. The worth of the online casino industry

Many people know that the online casino (nettikasino) industry is huge and insanely profitable, but not many know the industry's market value. According to Statista, the online gambling industry is worth about $60 billion and is expected to reach 90 billion by 2023. The online casino industry accounts for about 70% of the gambling industry revenue. It is no surprise that we have new casinos coming into the market almost daily to access this profitable market.

2. Mobile Gaming is taking over online casinos

Traditionally, online casinos (nettikasino) were played on desktop computers and laptops. But thanks to the HTML5 (Hypertext Mark-Up Language Revision 5) technology, it is now easy for casino software providers to make games that are compatible with the smaller screens of the smartphone.

Mobile phones have swiftly become a more popular medium for players than traditional desktop computers and laptops. The mobile devices are more portable and convenient to play; players can play their favorite casino games anywhere thanks to their mobile phones' lightness. A whopping 74% of online casino players use mobile devices to play their favorite online casino games.

3. The Random Number Generator (RNG) generates gaming outcomes

Many players who play at online casinos (nettikasino) do not understand its technology or how it works. Because of its online nature, online casinos use Random Number Generator technology to provide outcomes for their games. For example, when you press the spin button in a slot game, the Random Number Generator instantly sets off to work and produce a result for you.

The beautiful thing about the Random Number Generator technology is that it produces random patterns each time used. Online casinos and players can't manipulate the results, making online casinos more accurate and fairer than land-based casinos. Online casinos that use RNG, which is regulated by the casino licensed body, cannot be accused of cheating because of the technology's randomness.

4. Sign Up Bonuses are not free!

Many new players make a mistake when signing up with an online casino (nettikasino) is thining that their bonuses are free. From a perspective, one can consider bonuses are 'free' gifts, but they come with conditions that eliminate the essence of free. Virtually all nettikasino offers casino bonuses at sign up. What many people don't do is to read the conditions attached, especially the wagering requirements. It refers to the number of times you have to play the bonus amount before winning.

5. Betting Systems Are Useless in Online Casinos

Online casinos nullify the effect of any betting system. Unlike land-based casinos, where you can try out some tricks and use some betting systems, online casinos are a different ball game. It is because of the effectiveness of RNG technology, which provides unexpected results. Betting systems like Martingale, which depends on patterns, will flop because of unexpected results and betting limits.

6. Online Casinos are Legal in Almost All Countries in the World

Only a few countries in the Middle East have the illegal status for online casinos. In many countries, online casinos are regulated but not declared illegal. However, note that some online casinos may not support players from your country. In most countries where online casinos are limited, it is not a crime for players to play at online casinos; rather, the crime falls on the online casino for offering the service illegally.

7. Men Dominate The Casino Industry

Gambling has throughout history been perceived as a men's game, and this has affected women's participation in it. Although there are many women now playing online casino games, men still have larger numbers. Hopefully, with many myths about casinos been discarded, more and more women will join the fray.

8. The first online casino hit the market in 1994

Yes, 1994 was the year the first online casino hit the market. Count forward to date, and we have thousands of active online casinos across the world. Microgaming, the famous software provider, was the designer of the first online casino game.

9. The average age of gamblers

The average age of players is between 30 and 40. Many millennials are not more active with online casinos because of the minimum age limit (18 years) and the fact that they prefer more robust and exciting game consoles.

10. Slots are the most popular games

Of all the various game types offered by online casinos, slots remain the most popular and patronized.


These ten online casinos (nettikasino) facts arm you with more knowledge about the industry than the gameplay experience.