Land Based Casinos

We who are behind the site are a happy bunch of former poker players who for several decades traveled around the world and played land based casinos. But in recent years, we have switched to playing almost exclusively online casino. The reason for this is several, partly poker has died out in general, and partly the casino games have developed with a rarely seen speed. There are so many possibilities today when it comes to online casino. The number of game modes has increased enormously, and new categories of games continue to emerge.

Now you can, for example play live casino against real live dealers with HD stream. Had someone told us that 10 years ago, we would have completely lost our chin. When the smartphone was developed, of course, the gaming sites saw their chance to deliver a new type of gaming experience. We could continue to rant about all the changes that have taken place, but that is enough here the most important thing is to focus on the present, and what the conditions are. To get back to us and why we chose to start this site, it can be said that it is actually related to the lightning fast development of the industry as a whole.

There are always new casinos and new games information at our blog here We therefore want to gather all the news and guide all players in the huge jungle of internet casinos. Because we have been involved for so long and we play on a continuous basis, we know exactly what the players are looking for. The ambition with online casino editorial can therefore be nothing more than to give players the most relevant information that will make you find exactly what you are looking for. An important part of this is bonuses, because it is something all players are looking for when it comes to choosing an online casino.

Here you will be able to see and compare welcome bonuses, free spins, cashback and much more. With wonderful nature and really nice people had some poker tournaments during the heyday of poker. But as has been the case in the rest of the world, poker at land based casinos has also declined here. However, they have instead seen a large increase in various online casinoer that pop up all the time online that offer a large variety of casino games, table games and also poker rooms and sports betting. Another advantage is that all new online casinos have to compete in a rock hard gaming market. This means that they usually offer huge welcome bonuses. If you join a new online casino, you can therefore expect big bonuses with massive free spins. This is really good as you get to play for much more than what you put in yourself. You simply get a much better start when you join new online casinos.