Basics of Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a fairly unique card game, although there are similarities with blackjack , but it is not the case that you as a player are dealt a hand and act on it, as you would do in, for example, blackjack or poker. Two hands are dealt each round, but they are not really given to you , the player, or the dealer, the banker. Both hands are called Punto and Banco, which means the player and the bank, but they are just names they get to keep track of what is being bet on. You as a player bet on which hand wins, but you do not play any of the hands yourself, and the rules for how the hands are played, when new cards are drawn, are clear.

Punto banco is a pure game of chance, because before you can see the cards, you must bet on whether Punto or Banco will win, or if there will be a draw. A draw is unusual and often gives the bet, while bets on Punto and Banco give a little less than double the money. The hands each have 2 cards, and the value is 0 on the face up cards and the ace, while the other cards have the value on them. According to some rules, the ace is worth 1 point. To determine the value of the hand, the two cards are added and 10 are deducted.

This means, for example, that a 7th and a 4th give the value 1 and not 11. A 2nd and 3rd give the value 5, but two 9s give the value 8, because nine plus nine is 18 and ten deducted. If the total for the player is less than 6, which it becomes with, for example, a 9th and a 2nd, another card is given to the hand. And if it is higher than 7, the hand stands, which means that nothing is drawn additional cards. There are also situations where the bank's hand gets an extra card, but they are quite complicated. It is quite difficult to keep track of when Banco draws cards, especially if you are a beginner at Punto Banco.

A total value of 9 is the highest possible in the game, and automatically gives a profit. Before, only the European authorities played Punto Banco, but even though the game is not as exclusive now, it is just as sophisticated as it has ever been . When you play Punto Banco at online casinos, it is the finest and most modern version you have the opportunity to play , and the graphics and software functionality make the games feel like you are really sitting at a table in a casino, no matter where you are and what happening around you at the same time.