Double Exposure in Blackjack

In this black jack variant, both dealer's cards are dealt face up, unlike in the classic variant where only one card is open. The player's cards are also open. The fact that players can see the dealer's cards obviously entails a great disadvantage for the casino. Therefore, other rules regarding, for example, payout, splitting and doubling must compensate for this advantage to the players, so that the casino regains the upper hand. In double exposure black jack, the rule is that the dealer always wins if there is a draw.

An exception is made, however, if the player has a real black jack, then the player wins. The dealer always stays on 17, even soft 17. Sometimes, however, the rule is applied that the dealer must take cards on soft 17, but if the game is from NetEnt, the dealer stays on both soft and hard 17. You as a player, however, have a little more limited rules than usual. You can only double on cards with the value 9, 10 and 11 and you can only split once per hand. However, the rules may vary slightly, depending on which casino you are at. Winnings are paid out 1: 1, even on black jack.

This is precisely because the player has such a much greater advantage over the house. One of the biggest advantages of seeing both of the dealer's cards is that you as a player know when you have the chance to take another card. Normally, you would probably have stayed at 17, but if the dealer also has 17, the game is lost regardless and you can just as easily take a chance and take another card. How big an advantage the casino has over the players depends on how generous or strict the rules of the game are.

However, the payback percentage in double exposure black jack is usually lower than in the traditional game variant. If you play NetEnt double exposure, the payback percentage is in theory 99.36 percent if you play optimally. No matter what strategy in black jack and what odds you play with, it is wise to carefully choose which games you play. Whether it is blackjack, slots or any other game, it is wise to keep track of the payback percentage on the game. Choose the game you want to play, but be sure to choose the one with the best payback percentage and the best odds for the player. This will help you win as much as possible. Also keep in mind that different variants of black jack have different odds.